Effectively including more of reality ENACT is the world's premier integral embodiment-in-applications company.  Founded by integral scholar-practioner Sean Esbjorn-Hargens ENACT supports individuals and collectives in applying Integral Theory at all scales and in all contexts.  From individual projects to community programs to large business initiatives to global efforts ENACT gives you the guidance, support, and expertise for manifesting integral in your world.
LIVING INTEGRAL - Integral Theory is more than a comprehensive map of reality.  It is a set of living principles for cultivating intimacy with reality through your direct awareness right now.  Imagine your own life being more fully guided by integral principles in an embodied way.  Live integral deeply. Applying Integral: Integral Theory is currently being applied in over 40 professional contexts.  This meta-framework excels at coordinating multiple dimensions and perspectives on reality.  Imagine your own project(s) being more fully guided by integral principles in an effective way.  Apply integral widely. I think next to me, Sean Esbjorn-Hargens has done more for Integral THeory on this planet that anybody I can think of. - Ken Wilbur